Types of Massage 

Wùo Taï Fusion

The Wùo Taï (Osteo-Dance) is a massage technique developed in France that combines osteopathy, Thai massage, and rithm in a fabulous and relaxing synergy, still little known in Spain. In this session, Felipe uses various techniques such as stretching, aromatherapy, oils and different techniques in his own synergy. If you are looking for a unique and unforgettable therapeutic experience, this will be our best recommendation.

Deep Tissue Massage

Deep Tissue is one of the most complete massage therapy techniques. Through maneuvers performed with more pressure, depth, and slower movements, we seek to concentrate on more specific areas for the treatment of pain, tension, and muscle contractions. In Deep Tissue, in addition to hands, elbows and forearms are also used. It is widely used in sports with athletes, for performance improvement, pain relief, and can also be used for therapeutic purposes or just for wellbeing.

Relaxing Massage

In a Relaxation Massage, its main function is to deeply relax you through gentle and prolonged touches, calming your nervous system and releasing all the tension from your body and mind. Influenced by the production of hormones that bring a sense of wellbeing, it reduces anxiety and stress. Some of these hormones are known as the "happiness hormone" (serotonin), "love hormone" (oxytocin), "pleasure and reward hormone" (dopamine), and the "wellbeing hormone" with powerful analgesic action (endorphins). The massage is performed with hypoallergenic oils, and essential oils can be added (if desired) so that the patient has a complete olfactory experience, an aromatherapy.